Why Are You in so Much Pain?

3117187373_ed98fdeef1_oLeading an extremely busy life is the norm for most of us and for that very reason, most of us will suffer from some sort of pain in our lives. Whether it’s a pain in your lower back or a shooting numbness that spikes through the muscles in your leg, you’re sure to be affected one way or the other. Believe it or not, there are many things we do that contribute to the pain that we feel. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can change your life if you make a few modifications on the daily level. Are you suffering from back pains and want to see if there’s something you’ve been doing wrong? More than likely, there is: and today you can make a change for the better! Check out these tips from our chiropractors Charlotte NC.

  • Your flip flops probably aren’t helping much. They’re the most popular shoe choice of spring and summertime, but your beloved flip flops could be contributing to your aches and pains in a severe way. Most flip flops have foam padding that does nothing to support your heel or arch, and that will cause all the pressure to come down on your ankles and feet. Flip flops are most appropriate for adventures that won’t have you on your feet all day long.
  • Cut back on your texting if necessary. There are more and more cases of young people with arthritis coming to light due to excessive smartphone use. You should make it a point to use your phone less often when possible. If you start to feel pain swelling in your hands, put your phone down for a while. If the pain persists, you should definitely get in contact with your doctor for further assistance.
  • Get out and get active! Just like no one was meant to stand on their feet all day long, no one was meant to lay around all day everyday. Of course some downtime in front of the television can be nice, but making a habit of laying around watching the tube with your neck turned up will cause some damage over time. Falling asleep in awkward positions can make these aches even worse! Always pay special attention to your posture to be at your best.
  • Lighten the load in your backpack. Children and adults alike can develop back and shoulder problems related to the backpacks or messenger bags they decide to carry. As top chiropractors in Charlotte, we’ve seen the results of this first hand. First you should make sure you’re only carrying around the essential items. Anything excessive will weigh you down and put more stress on your body. Pick a more comfortable bag or try and carry it in a more comfortable way.
  • Tight ponytails are a big no-no. Tight, high ponytails can give you headaches and pain that aren’t fun to deal with. Avoid tying your hair up tighter than necessary to avoid this.

Why Do We Avoid the Dentist?

It might seem like a silly question to ask, but there are a number of different reasons why we might fret when it comes to visiting the dentist. It’s common sense: we all know how important it is to keep up with our teeth, but that responsibility can become lost all too easily. If we can begin to understand the reasons why we might have such an aversion to the dentist, we might be able to overcome our fears and worries. The only way we’ll be able to maintain our teeth is if we do our part at home and follow up with our dentists every so often at their office. Have you been neglecting to pay your Charlotte NC dentist regular visits? Face your fears today and get back on the right track to healthy!

I just don’t have the money right now. It’s true very that dental checkups, annual visits and most all dental procedures will put a hurting on your wallet. A majority of the people in this country don’t even have health insurance, and that’s an entirely separate issue within itself. The bottom line is that when it comes to our health, we’ll never really have all the money that we need to take care of things: and that’s the main reason we have to take action, no matter what the costs may be. As long as you do your part and stay accountable for your oral health routine, you shouldn’t have to rack up expensive bills at the dentist’s office.

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I probably need a lot more work than I’m ready to deal with. Getting a cleaning at the dentist is one thing, but when we think about the fact that there could be terrifying bad news once the procedure is done, it’s very easy to want to forget about going to the dentist all together. In reality, even if you have to have a little work done, it’s probably not as painful or scary as you think. At the end of the day, your dental issues will only continue to get worse if you decide to forgo being seen by your dentist in Indian Land right away.

I just have such a busy life. Being busy in your professional life can leave you feeling drained and unwilling to do much else in your personal life. It’s totally understandable that you might be tired and stressed, but those factors will only continue to affect your overall health in negative ways. Getting that dead tooth extracted will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders if you just give in.

There are a number of other things that might be keeping us from the dentist office, but none of those reasons are important enough to risk your health for. It’s difficult to overcome your fears: but maintaining a healthful smile for as long as possible will do a lot for your self-esteem!

No More Whiplash Woes with Chiropractic

Chiropratic CareChronic pain caused by whiplash is all too common, and it can be very painful to handle. If your whiplash is serious enough, you might be facing severe complications for a very long time. This is where good chiropractic care can come into play and save the day! You should find a licensed chiropractor you can trust as soon as possible and set up a consultation with them. At this consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with your specialist candidly about the discomfort you’ve experienced and together you’ll be able to formulate a treatment plan that will serve you best. There’s a special way that most Charlotte chiropractors strive to treat whiplash injury, so you should feel confident that you’ll get the help you need to get back to your old self.

Once you’ve given your chiropractic professional the lowdown on your unique situation, they’ll put an aggressive method in place to treat your aches and pains directly. Not only will they do everything to possible to stop your pain in its tracks, but they’ll work to teach you preventative measures to keep your pain away for good when you’re in between visits.

When it comes to whiplash, the techniques that your chiropractor utilizes will mean the most. In the beginning days of your treatment plan, the focus will lie on reducing your pains as quickly as possible. It’s your job to be as honest as possible with your chiropractic professional so they can do everything in their power to provide you with the best results. The sooner they can identify the source of issues, the sooner they can begin to address it!

Once you’ve been worked into a proper treatment plan and you’re seeing some results, the focus will shift from targeted pain relief to actually restoring the function of your injured areas. If you’ve been unable to perform duties at work or your recreational and personal lives have been suffering because of your injury, you can finally get back to normal within this stage of your recovery. Exercise will come into play at this stage in a major way. Not only will it affect your health in a positive way, but it will allow your chiropractors in Charlotte NC to help you correct the movements that promoted your injury in the first place. You should be aware that this might take a little bit of strength and courage on your part–because you may not feel ready to get back into these activities right away–but with determination you might surprise yourself with your progress!

If you’ve been plagued by whiplash, there is whiplash injury treatment for you to get better. Although rehabilitating your injured areas won’t be easy, you’ll be glad you did it once you’re on the greener side of the grass with a better quality of life in the end!